Personalised Glass Coasters & Paperweights

Engraved Glass Coasters, personalised glass coasters, glass paperweights, engraved glass paperweights ideal for brand awareness, or as a delightful gift or award.

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Diamond Glass Crystal Blue Paperweight Optical Crystal 3 Sizes

£8.25 View

Diamond Glass Paperweight Clear Optical Crystal 3 Sizes

£7.60 View

Diamond Paperweight in Onyx Black. 3 Sizes.

£8.80 View

Domed Paperweight with Flat Top in Optical Crystal

£14.00 View

Glass Ice Block in Optical Crystal 3 Sizes

£12.45 View

Glass Paperweight Rectangle in Jade Glass

£7.45 View

Jade Glass Square / Rectangular Paperweight

£5.70 View

Optical Crystal Glass Dome Paperweight 90mm

£14.30 View

Optical Crystal Letter Opener 21.5cm

£12.30 View

Rectangular Glass Paperweight in Optical Crystal 9cm

£8.60 View

Round Glass Paperweight 9cm

£6.15 View

Round Jade Glass Coaster 7cm

£6.05 View