Glass Trophies

Personalised Glass Trophies. Engraved glass trophies, printed glass trophies, colour-infilled glass trophies, are extremely impressive, and perfect for all types of awards. Great range of sizes and styles of glass trophies, all of which can be engraved to your exacting requirements.

Buy your Glass Trophies online all day, every day, 365 days a year from House of Crystal, the UK's biggest supplier of glass-only trophies.

Clear Class Facetted Diamond Peak Award

£29.50 View

Clear Glass Facetted Ice Peak Award

£20.99 View

Glass Medal in Optical Crystal, 3" in velvet-lined casket

£28.83 View

Jade Glass Diamond Award

£13.05 View

Jade Glass Facet Clipped Diamond Award

£16.55 View

Jade Glass Facet Wing Award

£15.60 View

Jade Glass Leaf Award

£19.00 View

Jade Glass Rectangle Award

£14.95 View

Jade Glass Star Award

£20.30 View