Glass Coasters & Paperweights

Engraved Glass Coasters & Paperweights with your company name will ensure that your customers have your details in front of them, on their desk, every working day. Used for many occasions, Glass Paperweights are perfect prizes, gifts and mementos.

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Diamond Glass Crystal Blue Paperweight Optical Crystal 3 Sizes

£7.75 View

Diamond Glass Paperweight Clear Optical Crystal 3 Sizes

£7.15 View

Diamond Paperweight in Onyx Black. 3 Sizes.

£8.35 View

Domed Paperweight with Flat Top in Optical Crystal

£13.20 View

Glass Ice Block in Optical Crystal 3 Sizes

£11.70 View

Glass Paperweight Rectangle in Jade Glass

£6.99 View

Jade Glass Square / Rectangular Paperweight

£5.85 View

Optical Crystal Glass Dome Paperweight 90mm

£14.30 View

Optical Crystal Letter Opener 21.5cm

£11.60 View

Rectangular Glass Paperweight in Optical Crystal 9cm

£8.60 View

Round Glass Paperweight 9cm

£5.80 View

Round Jase Glass Coaster 7cm

£5.70 View