Glass Vases & Bowls

Crystal and lead crystal bowls and vases, stand-alone or on wood bases, suitable for all occasions. Cut glass and plain glass both available in a good range of classic and contemporary designs. All items can be engraved.

Buy your Glass Bowls and Glass Vases online every day of the year from House of Crystal.

15cm Handmade Barrel Bubble Vase

£14.70 View

22.5cm Lead Crystal Panelled Oval Vase

£42.85 View

23cm Handmade Bubble Base Vase

£24.85 View

24% Lead Crystal Rose Bowl with Net

£96.76 View

27cm Lead Crystal "Ambassador" Cut Glass Vase

£146.65 View

Glass Rose Bowl with Net available in 3 Sizes

£40.51 View

Handmade Round Footed Comport

£30.40 View

Lead Crystal Panelled Heeled Bowl

£39.30 View

Lead Crystal Panelled Tulip Bowl

£46.51 View

Lead Crystal Panelled Tulip Vase

£44.95 View

Lead Crystal Presentation Bowl

£99.90 View

Plain Glass Comport

£36.30 View